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AKG GmbH database

The “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kammerleitstelle für Beitragsbemessungsgrundlagen” (AKG) GmbH supports the exchange of data between tax authorities and 127 chambers of industry and commerce as well as chambers of crafts and trades in Germany. This includes the operation of a database used by the chambers to collect contributions.

AKG GmbH turned to us for the optimization of their existing database. With our support, the organization was able to integrate historical information successfully and improve the efficiency of its database.

Increase performance – Improve usability

The AKG database stores information regarding intercompany relations. We were able to simplify the necessary processes enormously and also significantly increase system performance and ensure reliable usability of the web application.

In just three months, our software deveolopers completed the project according to our client’s specifications. The goal was to create a high-performance database based on TYPO3. In an evaluation of the new OrgaDB 3.0 system with 150,000 data records, we were able to demonstrate the performance and durability of the system. The database also contains access to research and an administrative section for updates.


  • Frontend: jQuery, DataTables, LESS
  • Backend: TYPO3 CMS 6.2

  • Database: MySQL

  • Programming: PHP, Extbase / Fluid


  • Historical data mapping

  • Increased database performance

  • Web-based, multi-user system

  • Consolidation of heterogeneous data sets

Data records for evaluation
Months development time
Start of cooperation
“Thanks to the rapid implementation by portrino, we were able to present our members with the new and optimized database after only a short time and without major restrictions. “
Sebastian Entian, Project Management

With expertise comes success

Thanks to our employees’ expertise and experience, we were able to implement the project quickly and competently and meet the needs and requirements of AKG GmbH.

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