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HybridAuth - Facebook login for own page

Social logins offer a practical alternative to classic registration forms. This allows users to log in via their preferred social network, instead of having to keep re-submitting their contact details.

With our Plugin HybridAuth for Shopware and TYPO3, you enable your customers to directly register in your shop via one of the well-known networks. It currently supports Facebook, LinkedIn and Amazon. Extensions to other social media networks (e.g. Twitter) are easily possible due to the clean architecture.

Your advantages of HybridAuth at a glance:

  • More registrations and fewer cancellations thanks to simplified registration process
  • Fewer support requests for a password reset
  • Social data can be collected and evaluated
  • Better customer loyalty

Functionality of our Social Login Extension HybridAuth

A new customer registering in your shop via Social Login is stored as a customer in the database and logged in immediately. If the master data is not complete at this time, it must be completed during the checkout process.In order to allow the custmer to move forward into the shop quickly, we decided against an additional registration step requiring outstanding master data immediately following the social login.

Customers that are already registered remain logged in as long as the social login cookie is active. Afterwards, the customer can log in again by clicking on the respective Social Login button, a new registration is not necessary.
The customer is identified by a unique ID assigned by the social provider.

What happens if the customer is already registered in the system with the same e-mail address?
In this case, both identities are linked together. However, this case is quite rare, as most users usually register via a social provider.

In order to keep the Single Sign-On process as lean as possible, the user is logged in directly to the shop and receives a randomly generated password. Customers wanting to change their password can reset it in the registration form and will receive an e-mail to attach the change.
Users who have registered via Social Network will be shown a message under “Personal data” after logging in, which contains the link to the form where the password can be reset.

If your registered customer leaves your site via the “Logout Button”, we log him out and invalidate the session. The customer will, of course, remain logged-in to the social networks themselves.

Overview of functions:

  • New customers are registered with the Social Login and stored as customers in the database.
  • A randomly generated password is assigned.
  • If the customer is already registered with the same e-mail address, the two identities are linked together.
  • Identification takes place via the unique ID assigned by the social provider.
  • Customers remain logged in as long as the social login cookie is active.
  • When logging out, the session is terminated, but the logon to the social networks remains.

Would you also like to enable your customers to register or log in to your shop quickly and easily via their social network using Single Sign-On (SSO) Shopware-Plugin and TYPO3-Extension are available at Github:

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