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Image Database for TYPO3 with FAL

100 % integration in your CMS

Are you using TYPO3 as a content management system? Do you want to provide image or media data to your intranet or website users? Our image database is based 100% on TYPO3 and uses the advanced rights and user management of the CMS.

The advantages are:

  • Complicated and expensive integration as with external DAM systems no longer apply.
  • You can continue to use your existing registration.
  • You decide on which image categories your user groups may access. For example, your employees can access different content than your customers.
  • We can help you drawing from our experience in setting up approval workflows, registration on social networks like LinkedIn, Xing or Facebook and with connecting to internal user management systems like LDAP.

Cost reduction through simplified workflows

Our media database doesn’t have to be operated from a back end. Extracting keywords from the image information, placing them in the correct categories and even translating keywords in other languages is fully automatic. Your picture agency can continue working with their own tools such as AdobeBridge © or PhotoStation © and perform indexing as usual. Transfer into the database can then be made, for example, via FTP or WebDAV. When necessary, editors can intervene in the process, change keywords or delete images through the familiar TYPO3 back end.

Ideal for international companies

Do you run a website in several languages or with several top level domains? Our image database provides you with a list of all utilized keywords. These can be translated into all desired languages. After the transferring into the system, your image data are searchable in the translated languages.

Investment protection

Indexing occurs through the image metadata which is transferred entirely to our database. The images can then be transferred to another system at any time without editorial effort.

Proven technology, experience and scalability

Our image database extension is now in its third version and has already mastered many application scenarios. Whether it served as an image database for photographers and journalists for the largest single-handed yacht race in the world (Velux 5 Oceans Race) with more than 40,000 images and over 6,000 queries per day, or the Volvo Ocean Race 2014 for Team Alvimedica, or for the Regional Historical Institute of the TU Dresden with more than 200,000 images, or as a MediaHub for the F.A.Z. Group for the delivery of videos to the connected portals, our solution has met demands and challenges.

048e2f1447691907b18b2a37e7ed2322Our image database also naturally stores your images, if required, on external servers or cloud systems such as Amazon S3. Do you require an even larger amount of images? No problem. By integrating external search technologies such as Solr or Elastic Search, queries with even greater amounts of data can be managed successfully.

Our solution was awarded with the “IT Innovation Award 2016” for small to mid-sized enterprises. See for yourself! Click here for our product demo!

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