Braas snow catcher calculation program

BRAAS snow guard - Calculation program - portrino

In the past, selecting a snow guard roof sytem was primarily based on loose estimates and manufacturer-recommended products for specific roof coverings. The BRAAS snow calculation program now provides a tool to reliably determine other important factors such as terrain height, snow load zone, and roof pitch needed to choose an appropriate and effective snow guard system.

With the BRAAS snow catcher calculation program, the individual snow load for a construction project can be determined. An optimal snow catcher system specially adapted to the respective conditions and the calculated snow load can be created on the computer. With the online program, experts can easily find the right snow protection for their customers. The online tool is easy to use and complies with the relevant standards and regulations of the Central Association of the German Roofing Trade (ZVDH).

From programming to design, we conducted the complete development of the program. Our spectrum of services included the development of the snow load calculation, the creation of a database model for product values and dependencies, and the logic for determining the economical snow guard system. In addition to testing and quality assurance, portrino also designed the website for the snow catcher calculation program.

In cooperation with sturm@drang AG, Augsburg.

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