TYPO3 Upgrade to LTS Version 6.2

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TYPO3 Upgrade to LTS Version 6.2

TYPO3 Upgrade

Improvements and the advantages and disadvantages of the new TYPO3 version at a glance. Is an upgrade worth it?

Long Term Support (LTS) version 6.2 replaced the previously used 4.5 LTS version this spring. More than 2,000 bugs were removed for the new TYPO3 CMS upgrade, and the latest technologies such as PHP 5.4, MySQL 5.5, HTML 5 and CSS3 are now supported. In addition, the intuitive interface with drag and drop functionality increases usability. Many companies are now faced with the question whether the adaptation of their website is really necessary and how much effort would be involved.

Of particular significance in the upgrade is the replacement of the Digital Asset Management (DAM) through the File Abstraction Layer (FAL). This change requires the adaption of all extensions and can, therefore, be quite time-consuming and complicated. Company-specific or custom-developed extensions require additional costs when upgrading and may even need to be completely rewritten.

Relaunch or upgrade?

At this point, it is worthwhile to decide for either an upgrade or a possible relaunch. TYPO3 Neos, for example, is suitable for the simple display of content and is rather editor-friendly. With TYPO3 CMS, on the other hand, accomidating large amounts data is the priority. For complex relationships, this variant is better.

The fact is, with a clean upgrade one invests in a future-proof technology and secures updates to 2017. In addition, the running costs for the website in the coming years will remain limited. Costs for troubleshooting can be saved and put into further development of the website. Without an upgrade to 6.2, the system is error-prone and vulnerabilities arise. Attacks by third parties are, therefore, more difficult to defend against.

For a conversion without complications, it is worth seeking professional assistance.

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