TYPO3 Update – For a secure and
high performance website

With its new release in Octobre 2021, the 11th version of the Open Source CMS TYPO3 will soon be available. Almost simultaneously with this major update, TYPO3 ELTS 7.6’s extended support is set to expire, which means no more security updates can be run for the old version, and the affected web pages will continue to exist unprotected. This illustrates the importance of installing TYPO3 updates: uninterrupted security. In addition, every installation update offers extended and improved technical function as well as an increase in performance (e.g. faster loading times) – and thus a big plus for site operators: strong performance supported by continuous development increases website conversion rates.

Why should I update/upgrade my TYPO3 installation?


Every new TYPO3 version offers not only optimizations and improvements, but also a number of new features that can improve performance, data protection and website operation. This keeps users up to date with the latest technology and enables optimal use of the content management system.


As soon as a TYPO3 version is no longer supported, security vulnerabilities may occur. This can result in unauthorized access to the website by third parties and to considerable damage both to the technology and your image.


In the event of critical security gaps in the PHP versions used by TYPO3 7.6 and older, the website is taken offline. Recommissioning is usually not possible. In addition, expired PHP versions can be switched off by the hoster with little advance warning.

Our promise for your TYPO3 presence

For a website that is effective and successful in the long term, regular updates or upgrades to new versions are useful and highly recommended. As an experienced TYPO3 agency in Dresden, we support our customers in finding sustainable, efficient solutions that make their work easier. We keep an eye on the TYPO3 roadmap and advise our clients individually on which measures are necessary or recommended. Individual extension updates can be very complex and cost-intensive, especially when upgrading over several TYPO3 versions. In cases like these, extended long-term TYPO3 support can serve as a temporary solution before a major upgrade is planned.

Our consulting services begin with an analysis of the actual state of your website. Taking into account your medium and long-term goals, we evaluate together which solution is best suited for you. Depending on the project’s complexity and your budget, we create a plan for implementing necessary updates or develop a concept for a visual relaunch of the website in connection with the upgrade. In some cases, we even recommend a completely new site, since new development is sometimes less costly than the required updates.

We would like to take a look at your TYPO3 website and partner with you to create a secure and modern online presence!