TYPO3 Connector – Connection of TYPO3 and Shopware

Link between CMS TYPO3 and shop system Shopware

Shop systems and CMS are optimized for different requirements: a shop system is focused on technically implementing the sale of goods, while a content management systems facilitates the creation of extensive multimedia content. If content strategy and online sales are to be combined, both systems must come into play.

The TYPO3 Connector connects the CMS TYPO3 with the shop system Shopware and combines the strengths of both systems. Shopware functionalities such as shopping cart status or articles are displayed and linked in the TYPO3 frontend as content elements. For example, an existing company website can add a shop without operating a separate domain.

Shopware-Plugin and TYPO3-Extension are available at Github:

TYPO3 Shop Extension – The advantages of combining Shopware and TYPO3

  • Common navigation and common design
  • Powerful SOLr search in TYPO3 can index and output products
  • Exchange of information on user data, categories and articles between Shopware and TYPO3 saves dual maintenance
  • Search engine optimization measures influence CMS and shop system by the use of a common domain
  • Intuitive content maintenance and rights management possibilities via TYPO3

TYPO3 Connector enables complex web presences

A symbiosis of CMS and shop system enables a range of options for the design of your own website. With only one plugin, you can easily extend existing systems with numerous content management or product and customer management functions.

You can see how Shopware and CMS integration looks in the frontend at the Octopus Concept GmbH reference shop.

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