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A website is never really finished! Topics such as maintenance, security, SEO-compatible content maintenance, usability or promotion and advertising top the list of issues demanding attention and are an important part of continuous optimization and updating. You can rely on our expertise – we will be happy to support you in the further maintenance of your online presence.

Website Wartung - portrino GmbH

Technical maintenance

System maintenance is an important guarantor for a good and above all secure website. Especially when working with content management systems (CMS), shops and the integration of third-party providers, permanent updates are essential for the protection of sensitive data. Leave nothing to chance when it comes to safety and functionality – our experts provide you with comprehensive support!

Technical maintenance - portrino
Content maintenance - portrino

Content maintenance

Good content is user-friendly, search engine optimized and up-to-date. To keep it that way, it must be maintained appropriately. However, especially with multilingual pages, the effort involved should not be underestimated and often cannot be handled in-house. Would you rather concentrate on your core business? Then simply leave the content maintenance to our experts!


In addition to a functioning website and good, convincing copy, the promotion of your content is also an important issue. In order to get noticed, your online presence must be both promoted according to target groups as well as search engine optimized. Our experts in Google Ads and social media will be happy to support you with tailor-made campaigns to generate valuable leads!

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