Content creation for B2B

Convince your customers through the use of various content elements: From classic texts and visuals to additional material in the form of white papers or explanatory videos!

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Before the actual content creation, you tell us your ideas and needs in person, on the phone or by e-mail. In this phase, in addition to the content, the focus is on observing the framework conditions.

This phase is all about preparation and the actual content creation. For texts, we usually create a template that contains all relevant text elements.


Now it’s your turn. After creation, you get the first draft for the vote. Now you can inform us of your change requests.

B2B Content creation - portrino GmbH

Content Catalog

We offer a range of content elements for the individual design of your website. With this portfolio, you have the opportunity to pursue a wide variety of goals with exactly the right means in each case and thus optimally pick up your customers at the various points of the buying or persuasion process.

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