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Intranet and Extranet Systems

Intranet und Extranet Systeme

For your employees, suppliers or customers.

Employee intranet systems and extranet systems for suppliers and customers are playing an increasingly important role in the B2B sector for ensuring smooth business operations and long-lasting customer relations.

Employees can easily access information regarding internal company resources, vacation schedules, internal media databases and other employee-specific information over an intranet system.

Customers and suppliers can enjoy 24-7 access to process-relevant data and information via a centralized access-point also known as an extranet.

The possibilities are almost infinite and can be implemented individually.

Our Service Range

The implementation of customized intranet and extranet systems includes the following services:

Reference project

Monier Braas GmbH is the world’s leading roof systems manufacturer, and has branches in over 40 countries. portrino GmbH developed Braas Profinetz, a customized software serving as  a communication platform for more than 24,000 partners, suppliers and customers.


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