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Connector for Shopware and TYPO3 Developed

With its successful multi-shop solution, Shopware 5, Shopware AG offers a modular platform for small to very large e-commerce projects. The provided templates, large community and company’s own appstore, enable complex projects to be realized without any programming efforts. Connections to merchandise management systems and payment providers are configured with just a few clicks and run reliably.

Content-related shortcomings in Shopware

For sophisticated content strategies, however, Shopware 5 is not the most efficient tool. The software is and remains a pure shop system not well suited as a content management system (CMS). It simply cannot match the functionality of established content management systems.
For the integration of a shop into existing company portals, such as an accessories shop, Shopware has to be operated on a separate domain. To date, connecting to products in CMSes has been achieved via “external links.”

Sample Shop
For the Octopus Concept GmbH ink supply shop, we connected a Shopware system with TYPO3.
Sample Shop

Plugin for the integration of Shopware and TYPO3

For this reason, our team set itself the task of developing a TYPO3 extension that allows for the combination of both worlds. With the Shopware connector, products from Shopware 5 can be “teased” as content elements anywhere in TYPO3. Shopping cart status, menus and layouts can be used in TYPO3; and the powerful Solr search in TYPO3 can even index and export products out of Shopware.

The connection of user data to TYPO3 or vice versa is also possible and is currently being implemented.

Our plugin for the integration of TYPO3 (version 7.6) and Shopware 5 is available on Github:

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