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Braas Snow Guard Calculator

Until now, choosing a roof snow guard system was like taking a shot in the dark. Although manufacturers could provide snow guard products suitable to roofing, none of them could precisely calculate and consider factors such as ground level, snow load areas or roof pitch. The BRAAS Snow Guard calculation tool allows these factors to be entered into the equation, producing accurate and reliable results.

The Braas Snow Guard Calculator program allows you to easily measure your individual snow load in order to select a suitable snow guard system for your construction project. The program adapts the system to respective conditions and calculated snow loads. Using the online program, roofing professionals can easily find the snow protection system appropriate for each client. The online tool is user-friendly and complies with relevant standards and regulations as well as the rules outlined by the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts’ (ZVDH).

portrino GmbH was responsible for the entire program development, from design to implementation. The provided services ranged from the development of the snow load calculation and the creation of a database pattern for product value and dependencies to the economic evaluation of the snow guard system. In addition, portrino designed the snow guard system website and was responsible for its testing and quality assurance.

In cooperation with sturm@drang AG, Augsburg.

Technologies used:

  • Snow Guard Calculator: PHP
  • Front-end: HTML and JavaScript
  • DatabaseMySQL
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